Steven Ungerleider, PhD

Sports Psychologist| Author| Consultant 

He was appointed to USOC sports med council in 1984, has worked with usada (chief mediator in lance armstrong case) had official appointment at wada under richard pound, is on cultural commission under pres thomas bach who helped establish the munich memorial, and most recently was appointed to the ipc exec board under sir philip craven

Ungerleider recently left the USOC due to his concerns over the safety of us athletes and the pervasive culture and practice of sexaul assault embraced by olympic officials.

Trained as a clinician, Ungerleider went back for a post doctorate in evaluation research in the early 1980’s. This led to his love of research and understanding how to work with large archives and create a special story line. Ultimately this passion led to his writing of six books, including Faust’s Gold which received significant international attention and accolades.

Ungerleider’s East German Doping research is the subject of a one-hour documentary by the Canadian Film Company, as well as a one-hour special by ABC’s 20/20, and NOS of Dutch Television.  Ungerleider’s work and his GDR archives were the subject of a PBS documentary entitled, “Doping for Gold,” which was nominated for an Emmy award.

Prior to the 2006 Torino Winter Games, Ungerleider was appointed to the International Society for Olympic Historians (ISOH). He has served as a founding trustee of Global Sports Development (GSD) which encourages mentoring and fair play at all levels of sport. GSD is the sponsoring agency of the Culture, Education, Drug-Free Sport and Ethics (CESEP) program. Ungerleider has also served on the education and ethics committee of WADA; World Anti-Doping agency and was recenly appointed to the national advisory panel of the American Psychological Association.

Since 1984, Dr. Ungerleider has served on the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry and has consulted with a number of international sport federations.

In 2009, Ungerleider was a co-founder of the Texas Program in Sports and Media (TPSM) at the University of Texas, Austin. This program under the umbrella of the UT school of communication will house the largest repository of sports research material including a major International Olympic collection, an East German Doping collection, and all files related to the recent BALCO drug scandal. Ungerleider is presently working on a manuscript that will articulate many components of this unique collection.

Ungerleider is the proud father of two very accomplished daughters: one a physician practicing internal medicine as a hospitalist in San Francisco, and the youngest a lawyer/MBA practicing commercial law in San Francisco.