James Carpenter, Esq.

Former Chief, Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, Philadelphia D.A. Office

Mr. Carpenter was the Chief of the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office until January 2018. He had been an Assistant District Attorney since 1995. During that time he served in the Appeals Unit (1995-1997), Post-Conviction Relief Unit (1997-2000), and for the past fifteen years in the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit. Before becoming Chief, Mr. Carpenter was the Assistant Chief of the Unit from 2006 to 2012. The Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit prosecutes all cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, physical and sexual abuse of children, child pornography, human trafficking and Megan’s Law registration violations for the city of Philadelphia. Mr. Carpenter has tried hundreds of jury and bench trials in these areas ranging from a criminal defense attorney who molested children in Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center to a chiropractor who raped six different women. He supervised a Unit comprised of 20 prosecutors who prosecute these domestic violence and sexual offenders, as well as various support staff. Mr. Carpenter earned his bachelor and law degrees at the University of Pennsylvania (1986 and 1989). Before joining the District Attorney’s Office, he worked for five years in private practice at Clark, Ladner, Fortenbaugh & Young specializing in product liability defense and reinsurance.